Little 18 Year Old Diaper Girl Fawn Makes A Huge, Runny Mess In Her Diaper After Urgently Pulling Her Buttplug Out

Such a little cutie making such a stinky mess! And with such urgency!

Fawn was dosed with a heavy amount of laxative tea and has been wearing a butt plug to try to hold it in. It’s not doing the greatest job, however. Fawn’s cramping and urgency to poo has grown too much and she just can’t take it anymore! She reaches into her diaper and rips out the buttplug as quickly as she can!

She scrambles to fix the inner lining of the diaper as quickly as she can so it won’t leak but she just can’t hold it anymore and she lets it all out!

Ohhh…the relief!!! But what a mess! She checks herself out in the mirror before realizing that she still may not have gotten that lining quite right and it might be leaking after all…

Uh, oh…looks like there might be some cleaning up to do…



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