Little AB Nadia Makes A Huge Messy In Her Saturated Diaper And Squishes It In

Nadia is such an adorable little girl! You can definitely tell that she really gets into age regression!

Sweet little Nadia is playing with toys in the nursery while wearing an adorable latex babydoll dress and baby bonnet when her cute little tummy starts to rumble. “I got poop!” she exclaims!

She whines a little before giving into the fate that she’s gonna make a messy.

She tries different positions while she pushes it all out into her pretty pink princess diaper. What a big, stinky mess!

Then the little girl that she is, she can’t help but to play with the big, squishy lump in the back of her diaper. She pats it, squeezes it, and rubs it in!

Such a dirty little diaper girl!


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