Little Alyssa Cums So Hard She Farts and Messes In Her Diaper!

Little Alyssa Cums So Hard She Messes In Her Diaper!Little Alyssa Cums So Hard She Messes In Her Diaper!

Ever cum so hard you accidentally poop a little? Well, that’s what happened to Alyssa in this video! HA!

Natalia comes in and surprises the very little and very young looking, Alyssa, with a Hitachi. Alyssa perks up. She LOVES Hitachis!!

And OH how she loves it! Its just SO intense!!

She lays back on the bear and Natalia goes at it on her diaper with the Hitachi. Alyssa starts ooh-ing and ahhh-ing and sucking hard on her pacifier as she squirms around. Then out of nowhere, FART! Alyssa makes a big poof in her diaper!

Funny how the Hitachi gets more intense after a good fart.

Before long Alyssa can’t take it anymore & has a big orgasm!

But that orgasm wasn’t alone. Alyssa pooped as she came! Not a huge poop, it was a little one. A hershey’s kiss as Natalia calls it. HA!

Alyssa gets so embarrassed. Too cute!!



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