Little Alyssa Gets An Enema & Messes Her Diaper While Trying To Color In Her Coloring Book

Poor little Alyssa has been constipated for a couple days so Natalia decides that it’s time for a nice, large saline enema to fix her problems. 

Natalia stands by as Alyssa comes in and prepares a fresh diaper so she can get the deed done. Now that she’s got it opened and ready, it’s time for her enema!

She removes the cap and grabs the lube so she can comfortably get the nozzle up her extremely tight little bum. She has a little problems getting the nozzle in at first (her bum really is THAT tight!) but soon enough it’s in and she starts to squeeze. She empties the bottle into her colon before diapering herself up. 

She pulls out a coloring book and crayons as the enema soaks in and starts to do it’s magic. Although this coloring book is all about pooping and it inspires her booty to work even faster than usual!

It doesn’t take long before she has to mess. A LOT! Round after round after round of releasing so much mess into her diaper. And SO MANY FARTS! Even one extra long one that makes her giggle with embarrassment!

All this pooping is making her sweat! She can no longer concentrate on coloring and starts to use the book to fan herself instead. HA!

Her tummy grumbles more and more and she farts again and again as she messes. The brown stains on the back of her diaper start to form and expand. 

When she finally thinks she’s done she goes back to coloring as she wags her messy diapered tushee up in the air!



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