Little Alyssa Gets An Enema To Relieve Her Constipation And Is Put Into Fist Mitts Before She Expels It

Alyssa has a problem. She’s been constipated for several days now and Natalia is determined to put a stop to that! So she brings out an enema bottle!

Little Alyssa’s not happy about it. And her extremely tight little butthole makes it even more problematic.

Natalia gets it up there and empties the bottle up her little bum before strapping Alyssa into a little Tena Slip Maxi diaper. But then Natalia decides to make it even more fun: she puts Alyssa in large, padded fist mitts to make things more difficult for Alyssa as she expels her enema.

But things start to pour out on their own before anyone was ready!

Alyssa quickly shifts to adjust herself to a more comfortable messing position. And it really starts to flow out then! She shifts and shifts as her diaper fills more and more. It gets so full! And what a mess!! Days of pent up poop really did a number on that thin little diaper!



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