Little Emily Giggles As She Farts & Makes A Great, Big Mess In Your Face POV

DpMEmilyGigglesAsFartsNMessesInUrFace DpMEmilyGigglesAsFartsNMessesInUrFace2

“I have a secret. Guess what? I have to poop!” Emily whispers to you.

She’s been holding it in all day for you. Just. For. You.

And she’s gonna poop in your face. And ohhhh, you’re gonna love it!!

Emily is just so adorable. And that poop is just so ready to come out! She turns around and giggles. Then here it comes.

She farts. Smell that? More farting and more and more as she pushes a huge mess into her diaper.

So many farts! And the turds just plop, plop, plop right into the diaper making it bulge out so big.

You’re gonna love every bit of it. She makes sure of it.


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