Little Emily Gives Herself An Enema & Talks About How Much She Loves Messing Her Diaper As She Does So

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“Let me tell you something about pooping…” Emily starts off. “It feels sooo good to poop!”

Emily really loves to mess her diaper. She tells you how she loves to hold it in for hours and hours and then finally relieve herself into her diaper. It makes her pussy so wet!

She’s gonna show you just what she means. She wants an extra big mess this time. She grabs a nice big enema bottle and squeezes it up her ass. She loves this feeling as it fills her up! And you can see just how wet it makes her.

It’s a bit painful but there’s so much pleasure in pain.

Once her bum is full of liquid she quickly diapers herself. She can’t wait till this comes squirting out of her butthole!

And then it becomes too much to hold in any longer! She shrieks out that she’s gonna go! “So much for holding that in!”

The messy enema liquid quickly rushes out of her bum and fills her diaper. The dirty brown wet spot immediately appears then spreads. “Oh gawd!” She just can’t take it!

More messing then more messing then more messing! It gives her goosebumps messing so much! And it makes her nipples so hard doing so!

And that’s just the beginning! What she does as her diaper gets fuller & fuller is definitely something to see!


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