Little Emily Gives Herself An Enema & Watches Herself Release It In A Full Length Mirror

DpMEmilyEnemaNReleaseInFLMirror DpMEmilyEnemaNReleaseInFLMirror2 DpMEmilyEnemaNReleaseInFLMirror3

Emily loves a good enema. And when she comes across a full length mirror she sets it up so she can watch herself mess this time.

“Oh, butthole! I have a nice surprise for you!”

Emily watches herself squeeze the enema into her bum & fill herself up with it.

Now for the diaper. She straps it on herself and holds in the enema for as long as she can stand it so she can get the full, cleansing effect before releasing it.

She rubs her diapered bum, “Oh, this is gonna look so good when it’s all full!” Enemas make her feel so sexy.

Then it’s time for release! “Squirt! Squirt! FART!” Such a noisy mess comes running into her diaper.

She checks herself out before pushing some more. She spins and feels so sexy!

“SQUIRT!” Her tiny Tena Slip Maxi can barely contain it all! It starts to leak a little.

Such a huge mess fills her diaper so full! The dark brown stain that was immediately apparent spreads and starts to sag.

She rubs it & squishes it in. Then she poses for herself in the mirror.

“Is there any more in there?” She asks herself as she farts and squirts another large amount into her diaper. I don’t know if this diaper’s gonna hold it!

Emily giggles and rubs it some more as she groans. She so looooves a very messy diaper! And this one is super messy!


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