Little Emily & Natalia Give Each Other Enemas & Mess Them Together

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What a fun day! Little diapered hottie Emily and good friend, Natalia, are both diapered and hanging out in the nursery playing with toys. Soon enough they start looking for something a little more exciting to do. They begging to brainstorm a little and come up with giving each other enemas! Because why not?

Emily prepares to get her enema first. Natalia strips Emily’s diaper off of her and Emily bends over to receive the enema best. Natalia shoves the enema nozzle up Emily’s ass and squeezes it in. Emily giggles. She just loves getting cleaned out.

She gets re-diapered and Natalia strips out of her diaper to get ready for her enema. Emily squeezes it all right up her bum.

She quickly puts her diaper back on and the two girls prepare to release. But they make sure they go together. “Ready? Set? GO!” PUSH!!! They both squirt all their poo-water into their diapers.


“I just pooped,” Emily giggles.

What messes they make!


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