Little Girl Zoe Gets Super Messy While Being Fed In The High Chair – And Loves It!


Zoe is just so happy in diapers! And it really shows!

Zoe and Natalia are hanging out in the nursery and playing with toys and chatting up a storm when Zoe says she’s hungry. Natalia’s got just the thing for this new diaper lover!

Natalia pulls out the high chair and locks Zoe in it to prepare her for her feeding. Natalia has a nice, big container of chocolate pudding to feed her. But when Zoe proves that she just might make a big mess, she gets a cute, see thru bib put on her.

And it turns out Zoe really loves to make a big mess! Natalia taunts her by telling her the pudding is symbolic of the mess she’ll eventually be making in her diaper and it suddenly starts to grow her out a little. HA!

The mess grows bigger and bigger with every spoonful! Zoe is such a fun and cute diaper girl!


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