Little Nikki Is Made To Go To A Public Pub In An Exposed Diaper & Harness And Makes A Big, Smelly, Humiliating Mess

DpMNikkiMessesPublicBarHarnessDiaper1 DpMNikkiMessesPublicBarHarnessDiaper DpMNikkiMessesPublicBarHarnessDiaper2

Poor little baby Nikki. She’s been given suppositories and was dressed in a leather harness and made to leave the house like that! But it gets worse. Natalia brought her down to the local bar & grill like that! Nikki so badly doesn’t wait to be here.

Nikki is so embarrassed. She’s definitely not dressed in a way that should ever be seen in public! There is absolutely nothing subtle about her outfit! The diaper is in plain sight, even!

Natalia leaves her alone for a minute while she goes to order drinks from the bar. And *just like that* the suppositories kick in. Nikki starts to fill her diaper with poo.

And it stinks. Badly.

Nikki grunts and grunts and keeps pooping so much! Natalia comes back with the drinks and smells it before she even reaches the table.

And Nikki’s not even done yet. She continues to poo and Natalia just laughs at her.

Definitely Nikki’s most embarrassing moment ever!


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