Little Olivia Wets Her Diaper As She Plays…Then Discovers The Hitachi


Olivia is loooooving wearing a diaper for the first time! It’s hard to believe that this little girl who loves age play so much has never worn one before now!

She’s exploring the nursery and enjoying the many toys she’s coming across. She takes her time playing with the things she finds and then suddenly she wets her diaper. Its so warm!

It’s only a minor distraction from what she’s doing though. So many pleasurable things!

And speaking of pleasurable things…she eventually comes across the powerful Hitachi vibrator! Now this looks extra fun!

She rubs it all over her body before it finds its way to her diaper. Oh what a sensation! Especially over her now wet diaper!

What a total turn on! Olivia goes to town on her diapered pussy with the vibrator and it really doesn’t take long for her to be brought to a huge orgasm!

Olivia sure does love diapers!!!


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