Little Teen AB Nikki Goes Poo-Poo For You To Watch While Talking In Baby Talk To You POV

DpMNikkiBabyTalkMessesPOV1 DpMNikkiBabyTalkMessesPOV DpMNikkiBabyTalkMessesPOV3

Oh, Nikki! This amazing little 18 year old diaper lover is enjoying a little Adult Baby moment! She doesn’t usually regress like this, but what a delight when she does!!!

Nikki sees you watching her and talks in sweet little baby talk to you. She has to make a poo-poo. Wanna watch?

What a sweet little baby! She sucks away at her pacifier and moves around and poses in her diaper for you. You wanna see her go poo-poo now?

Good. She turns around and makes a nice, big messy in her diaper for you to see. Doesn’t she do such a good job?

She wants you to be proud of her and the mess she’s made for you. And she can’t help but to play in her messy diaper once it’s full.

Sweet little baby Nikki. Such a good little girl.



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