Little Teen Fawn Changes Into A Baby Diaper And Immediately Wets It Until It Leaks

Fawn is just sooooo adorably HOT!!!

Fawn needs to go tinkle and wants to do so in a baby diaper so she can see if she can fill it full. She slides off her pants and panties before laying down on the spread out diaper that she just laid down for herself. Then she pulls out a puppy pad just in case she does overflow the diaper.

Now it’s time to take position. Her bladder was so full! She lets go and empties her bladder and pees into her fresh baby diaper! Ohhhh she really loves the feeling of a nice, warm diaper and it clearly shows! And she had so much pee-pee that she does fill that diaper beyond capacity and it leaks down her legs and onto the pad below her. And her reaction to it is just too cute!! 



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