Little Teen Fawn Is Made To Eat PooPoo Looking Pudding While Sitting In A Messy Diaper

Another fan favorite, Fawn!

It’s easy to see why Fawn is so popular, she’s just so adorably gorgeous!!

Fawn has been sitting in her very messy diaper and really wants to be changes but Natalia has other plans. It’s snack time and Natalia doesn’t want to change her stinky diaper before she eats! So instead, Natalia makes her sit in the high chair, squishing the mess inside her diaper even more into her.

Natalia offers her favorite snack, chocolate pudding! And she does everything she can to make little Fawn lose her appetite as she makes the pudding plop from the spoon, resembling the mess inside her diaper.

Watch as adorable little Fawn struggles to get it all down!



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