Little Teen Nikki Gets A Surprise Shot With Laxatives & Must Embarrassingly Wear A Diaper Because If It


Nikki is kicking back on the couch watching TV when her roommate, Natalia, walks in and joins her. Nikki doesn’t realize that she has something she’s hiding behind her back though. Natalia quickly pricks her roommate with something on her exposed bum and Nikki has no idea what it is.

“Ow! What was that?!” Nikki exclaims.

“Oh. Just a little something.” Natalia explains she just shot her with something that’s going to make her poop uncontrollably. And it’ll last pretty much all night. It’ll be a fun night! HA! Like full on anal leakage…

Needless to say Nikki’s not happy about this. She grows increasingly upset about it until the growing rumbles in her belly interrupt her and she has to run to the bathroom. Quickly.

Natalia laughs as she can hear Nikki in the bathroom moaning as she poos. The toilet flushes and Nikki return. “I hate you!” she cries out!

Natalia suggests she try wearing a diaper for the night. But before Nikki has a chance to respond she has to run to the toilet again. “It’s just liquid coming out!”

Natalia grabs some diapers and when Nikki returns from the bathroom she shows them to her. Nikki really doesn’t want to have to wear a diaper and protests such a thing. But when she has to rush to the bathroom again and realizes that she really can’t control it, when she comes back she reluctantly agrees to try wearing a diaper.

Nikki puts on a diaper and is so humiliated! She is really hating Natalia by now. This is NOT ok at all with her.

But in no time her tummy keeps rumbling and she has to mess again. This time in her diaper. Natalia decides to leave her alone with her stinky self and poos some more.


Once again Nikki messes her diaper and she can’t stand the sensation. She’s so humiliated by this!

Good thing Natalia got her a whole pack of diapers!


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