Little Teen Nikki Makes A Huge & Runny Mess While Playing On The Unicorn

DpMNikkiRunnyMessesPlayingOnUnicorn DpMNikkiRunnyMessesPlayingOnUnicorn2 DpMNikkiRunnyMessesPlayingOnUnicorn3

Nikki is just SUCH a cutie!

She’s playing on the nursery floor with her oversized unicorn stuffed animal and is sweetly humming to herself. But the cleanse that she’s been on takes it toll on her belly as it way too often does. Nikki has to poo! And it’s gonna come out quickly too!

Good thing she’s wearing a nice, big absorbent diaper! She really needs it about now!

She bends over and starts to poo. It comes rushing out of her bum and fills her diaper. It’s super runny and makes such a huge brown stain across the back of her diaper! It seeps through and starts to spread.

What a huge mess! But Nikki doesn’t mind. She’s super used to staying in her messy, stinky diapers for awhile. She moves from position to position to check it out. (She likes to see her “outcomes”) Once satisfied she goes back to playing rolling around and giving her unicorn some loving.



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