Mandy Gets Her Wet Diaper Changed & Bounces Around In Her New Diaper

DpMMandyGetsWetDiaperChanged DpMMandyGetsWetDiaperChanged2

Mandy is so full of enthusiasm and such a doll!

Mandy is still in afterglow from having such wonderful orgasms in her diaper for the very first time!  She is already suuuuch a diaper lover!

And now she’s going to get her diaper changed. It’s nice and wet after cumming in it so much!

And oh, does Mandy ever love getting her diaper changed! She loves it so much that Natalia gives her some extra treats with her diaper change! 😉 And she just eats it up!

Mandy gets changed into a Rearz Safari diaper and she is loving the extra thickness of it! She Moves around and poses in it before testing how well she can bounce in it. And she wants to bounce more. Good thing there’s a hippity hop in the nursery! Mandy has so much fun! And the more she explores the nursery the more she loves it!


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