Mandy Messes Her Diaper For The First Time

DpMMandySupposN1stDiaperMess DpMMandySupposN1stDiaperMess2

Mandy is having such a blast playing in the nursery! She just absolutely loves playing in diapers!

Natalia thinks it’s time she messes her diaper though. Mandy’s not so thrilled when she sees Natalia come in with suppositories!

Oh, the look on Mandy’s face when Natalia shoves the suppository up her diapered bum! Priceless!

The effects are immediately apparent as the suppository quickly starts to melt in her ass. It starts to burn a bit.

As the suppository continues to melt she seems to think her butt is leaking – and her reaction to it is great! She starts to giggle.

Soon enough she starts to poo. And what a fantastic reaction to the feeling of poop in her diaper!

Mandy is just awesome!!!


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