Meant To Be Punishment, Tiny Alyssa Enjoys Getting An Enema & Making Such A Huge & Noisy Mess In Her Diaper Too Much!

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Alyssa is brought in to the punishment room and told to give herself an enema and watch herself so she can see just how dirty of a little girl she is.

**This was supposed to be punishment!! Unfortunately this little girl enjoys messing her diapers way too much. And put a mirror in front of this girl? Forget about it. This girl could stay entertained for hours!**

Alyssa opens her diaper while really close to the camera and you can see everything! WOW!

It’s so hard for her to get the enema nozzle up her tight little bum and it’s fun watching her butt hole clench and pulsate so up close and personal as she tries!

Once the enema is emptied inside her she quickly diapers up and gets ready for the time to release it.

And then it’s time. She talks all through the enema and release about the experience and what she loves and doesn’t care for so much about getting enemas.

And watching Alyssa check herself out in the mirror and talking about how much she loves her tan she’s gotten, how pretty she looks today, and how good her cleavage looks in her shirt is too great!!! Hahaha! And her reaction to her every fart? Priceless!

And what a HUGE mess she makes! Whew!


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