Mia Humiliated With A Two Quart Enema

Mia Humiliated With A Two Quart Enema

Mia is just so much fun!!!

It’s time for Mia to get an enema! Natalia calls her in and Mia has already stripped off her diaper and is ready to go (so to speak)! But she is SO embarrassed, and it shows by the nervous giggles and the awesome expressions on her face.

“OMG! This is happening!” She cries out.

Yup. This is happening right now.

Natalia sticks the nozzle up her bum and releases the valve. The 2 quarts of water quickly empties inside her.

She doesn’t think she can hold it in. It’s intense. But Natalia makes her. She grabs a diaper. A big, thick Dry 24/7 should hold it all up…

“In a diaper!?!?” Mia shrieks. Her voice reaching a pitch revealing her thoughts about what’s about to happen.

Of course, in a diaper. Duh!

Mia can’t believe she’s about to empty her enema filled bowels into a diaper. She freaks a little, but once again, her reactions are just awesome…



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