Mia’s Super Embarrassing Enema Release

Mia's Super Embarrassing Enema Release

Mia just can’t believe this is happening!! She’s fully loaded with a full 2 quart enema and is about to push it all out into a nice, thick Dry 24/7.

“OMG! This is so happening! This is so embarrassing!!!”

Mia shrieks as she starts pushing it out and filling her diaper. “OMG is it leaking!?”

You know, those Dry 24/7’s just don’t hold up as well as they’re supposed to. Plastic pants need to be brought in to contain the mess.

She keeps pushing. She giggles from nervous embarrassment, sucking hard on her pacifier to try to help calm her down.

But yes, this is happening.

Mia’s reactions to filling her diaper so full of her full enema poo is just too awesome! She struggles to get it all out giving a very verbal play by play of everything she’s experiencing.

Some of the best reactions we’ve ever seen! Awesome enema video!!



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