Mommy Fionna Helps You Get Back To Sleep By Helping You Masturbate After You Wake Up From A Nightmare

DpMFionnaMommyNightmareJOIGame2Sleep DpMFionnaMommyNightmareJOIGame2Sleep2

Awww…what’s the matter with Mommy Fionna’s baby boy?

Oh, you had a nightmare? Awww…well Mommy knows a trick for her special boy that’ll help him get his mind off his bad dream and help send you off to dreamland.

She has a little game for you. She wants you to masturbate for her while she watches. She soothingly talks to you as she has you pull out your pee-pee. Such a good boy, you’re already getting excited, aren’t you?

She instructs you how she wants you to touch yourself and stroke yourself. Then she decides to give you even more encouragement…she takes off her robe and exposes her huge tits!!

She continues to instruct you on just what to do with yourself as Mommy watches.

Cum for Mommy. Such a good boy!!!


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