Natalia Catches Nikki & Katarina Playing In Their Messy Diapers & Decides To Join In & Messes Too!

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So much fun! Sometimes random things happen around the DiaperMess nursery.

Little teen girls Nikki and Katarina have pooped and are playing in their messy diapers when Natalia walks in and smells the stench.

“Oh my gawd! Which one of you pooped?”

“Ummm…we both did.”

Now in their messy diapers they’re playing with toys that make fart noises. So funny! “We’re making a fart orchestra!”

“I guess so! It’s a fart-chestra!” Natalia laughs.

“You’re just jealous,” Nikki tells her.

“Kinda,” Natalia responds.

“Then get a diaper on and join us!”

“Well, I do actually have to poop too. I guess I can.”

So Natalia changes out of her shorts and puts a diaper on. She joins in with her fart noises while she prepares to poop. Now it’s a real fart-chestra!

Before too long Natalia’s ready to poop too. And so she does. Nikki and Katarina continue making their fart sounds to encourage it to come out. Natalia starts messing.

“I love your poop face!” Katarina tells her. Natalia laughs so hard she can’t poop anymore!

But it’s short lived. She finally is able to finish messing her diaper.

Their fart-chestra goes on once Natalia’s diaper is also full. But the smell with all their messy diapers eventually becomes too much and they decide they need to have a changing party!

Another super awesome video!!!


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