Natalia Joins Grace For Her Very First Diaper Messing!

Grace is so nervous about messing her diaper for the first time so Natalia decides to be nice. She brings out two mini enemas so they can poop together!

Grace is quite surprised and still quite apprehensive about this but agrees to do it. It sure is easier to do it when she’s not alone in it!

Natalia sticks the nozzle up Graces bum and empties the contents. The look on Grace’s face is adorable! What a reaction!

Then it’s Natalia’s turn. Natalia does this a lot on her own so she’s actually quite used to the sensation.

Then they wait. They’re in quite a bit of pain as the enemas do their job at making it happen as quickly as possible!

Now it’s a race to see who actually messes first! Who do you think will break the seal first?

Grace has such a great reaction to her very first diaper mess! And she’s never pooped in front of anyone like that before!



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