Natalia Tricks Abby Into Riding The Sybian For The Very First Time And She’s Surprised By Her Massive Orgasms!

Abby is reluctant to use vibrators because of her super sensitive clit. Natalia knows this, so she tricks her into riding the Sybian by telling her that she wouldn’t be able to feel it through the diaper.

Abby fell for it.

Natalia brings out the Sybian and calls Abby in and tells her that she has a surprise for her. Abby takes her first look at the Sybian and you can see the hesitation on her face. Soon enough, Natalia talks Abby into getting on and starts the ride!

Abby is very surprised by the sudden, intense vibrations. And YES, she can definitely feel it! HA!

Natalia watches as she makes Abby squirm and orgasm repeatedly! Abby just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming and she just cannot believe her own body right now! So… many… orgasms!

Abby’s reaction at the end is a must see!



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