Natalia Wets Her Diaper Then Gets Messy & Takes A Pie To Her Face As She Masturbates In It

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Natalia steps into the shower where she quickly wets her diaper. What a turn on! She then pours chocolate syrup all over her body, making sure to get extra inside of her diaper. Then she pulls out the whipped cream and smears it all over her body as well. She rubs it all in and soooo enjoys the feeling of the slickness and the messiness of it all as she rubs her hands all over and gets so turned on! 

The feeling is overwhelming and she pulls out a magic wand and masturbates with it over her very messy diaper. So hot! And as she cums she pies herself in the face with a whipped cream pie. It even sticks to her face afterwards as she finishes her extra long and hard climax! 

It eventually drops from her face and she turns on the shower to wash it all off before stepping out. 


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