Natalia’s 18 y/o Little Sister, Ella, Messes Her Diaper For The First Time While Cuffed To The Wall

Ella has been fed heavy duty laxative tea and has left her little sister cuffed to a hook in the wall while it takes effect. And now’s the time. Ella is feeling it strongly. She knows she’s going to need to poop very soon and she can’t hold it in any longer. She panics as she calls out for Natalia. She doesn’t even know how to poop in this position! She desperately wants to be let down before she messes. But Natalia isn’t responding to her cries. And Ella can’t keep it in any longer. She bends her knees and comes to the closest thing she can to a squat as she pushes it out into her diaper. 

She continues to call out for Natalia to return but still no answer. Now she’s left to stay in her messy diaper. 

But it doesn’t stop there. She has to poop some more! Another push and she fills it even more!! She tries desperately to find a comfortable way to stand but everything is making it worse and spreading it out inside her diaper even more. There is no escaping this huge mess.


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