Natalia’s Real Life Little Teen Sister Discovers Her Nursery, Diapers Herself, Gets Caught, & Is Punished


Ohhhhh The fun begins with Natalia’s 18 year old little sister! 

Natalia’s real life little sister is over at Natalia’s house and is looking for her when she walks right into the nursery! 

“What the….” she mutters. She has no idea what kind of place she just walked into. She really thought that behind that forbidden door there lied a simple office or something. She sure wasn’t expecting this!!!

She looks around the nursery and realizes that all the items aren’t for a baby, but it’s full of adult baby items! The curiosity gets the best of her as she picks up a pacifier and sticks it in her mouth. She’s quite surprised at how comfortable and soothing the pacifier actually is! 

Then she comes across the diapers. Hmmm…I wonder what these would be like?? I wonder if they’re as comfortable to wear as the diaper is to suck?

So she selects a Tena Slip Maxi and lays on the floor to try it on. WOW! They’re actually extremely comfortable! So comfy that she now wants to try resting in them! She goes over to the giant bear and lays down on it. 

But soon enough Natalia comes walking in! BUSTED!!! 

“What are you doing???” Natalia exclaims! “You’re not supposed to be in here! And are you wearing a diaper??” 

Natalia’s so upset that her little sister violated her private space. Now she’s determined to punish her! She takes out her phone and starts taking pictures of her and threatening to send them to Ella’s boyfriend. Ella is so humiliated!! She begs Natalia not to! 

“Well, maybe not if you agree to be my diapered slave for the day.”

Let the punishment begin!

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