Natalia’s Teen Sister, Ella Gets Fist Cuffed Before She Has To Mess Again In Her Already Very Messy Diaper

Ella is still Natalia’s diapered slave and has been sitting in a very messy diaper for some time now. She was given a massive overdose of laxative tea and has been messing her diaper all day while Natalia has been refusing to change her.

Now Natalia has to go out to run some errands so to prepare for leaving Ella alone, she puts her into fist cuffs to severely limit her ability to do anything – especially escape or remove her diaper.

Ella tries to play with toys for a little while before her tummy starts aching and she realizes that she’s going to have to poop again! She tries desperately to hold it in but she simply can’t. So she inevitably turns around and messes her diaper some more!

What an extreme mess!! That brown stain just keeps expanding!!


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