Natalia’s Teen Sister, Ella Is Made To Drink Laxative Tea Before She’s Cuffed To The Wall & Tickled

Ella has been patiently waiting in the corner ready to receive her punishment from her big sister for coming into her nursery after being told not to. Natalia is turning her into her diapered slave for the day after her little sister even tried on a diaper after discovering the nursery!

Natalia brings in a cup of super effective laxative tea and makes her drink it all quickly. This will make her mess uncontrollably for the next 24 hours, at least. Ella has no idea this is going to happen and slurps the cup of tea down.

Then Natalia puts handcuffs on little Ella and ties them up to a hook on the wall, far above Ella’s head. Now she’s completely helpless. And Natalia takes full advantage by tickling her all over so much that Ella is actually brought to tears.

The punishment has officially begun…



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