Naughty Bailey’s Made To Mess Her Diaper While Locked On The Spreader Bar


Bailey’s been a naughty little girl and is about to get next phase of her punishment. She’s locked in cuffs on a spreader bar with her diapered tushee up in the air when Natalia walks in with a little surprise for her. She’s about to get suppositories shoved up her bum!

Bailey begs for her not to. But of course it does no good. Natalia shoves two suppositories in her rectum.

The burning sensation is immediate. And the looks on Bailey’s face as they begin to melt inside her is priceless. You can almost feel every cramp she gets.

And soon enough she can’t take it anymore! She starts to push and push all her poo out.

Natalia taunts her. She spanks the mess right into her bum and Bailey whimpers as the cramps continue. Seems she has even more poo she has to get out.

And poo more she does! Bailey struggles to get it all out. Its not easy to push it out in her tight Molicare in this position. Eventually she gets it all out. She begs to be changed. But that’s just not happening yet…



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