Naughty Dakota Gets Paddled With Her Face In Her Saturated, Leaky Diaper



Natalia comes in to help Dakota clean the playroom and discovers wetness on the floor and teddy bear then finds a soaking wet diaper that Dakota hid in the corner! How dare she!

That’s it. Dakota’s done this sort of thing more than once and now it’s time for some more severe punishment!

Natalia opens the saturated diaper and shoves it in Dakota’s face. Dakota shrieks out and Natalia drops the open diaper on the floor in front of the naughty girl and demands that she gets on all fours in front of it. Now it’s time for a spanking.

Natalia cuffs Dakota’s hands behind her back so it’ll be hard to balance herself over her stinky, wet diaper as she’s getting spanked. Then she grabs the paddle…

Do you think Dakota will be able to keep her face out of her dirty diaper?


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