New Diaper Girl, Grace Gets Diapered For The Very First Time

Ohhhh…just wait until you check out this hottie! Grace is absolutely gorgeous and you’re gonna love her!!

Grace has never worn an adult diaper before. She recently was talking to a friend of hers about diaper fetish and she admitted that she was curious about playing with it but has always been too ashamed of her secret desires to do anything about it. But this friend of hers had a friend who’s an expert in this area…Natalia! He contacted her and asked if she could help. Of course Natalia said yes!

Grace comes over and they quickly get down to business. Natalia has Grace strip out of her shorts and panties and ready for her very first diaper! Natalia picks out a Fabine diaper for her to wear then carefully wipes her pussy clean before she puts plenty of baby powder on her. Then Grace gets strapped in!

Check out her reaction! =D


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