New Girl Mandy Tries To Wet Her Diaper For The First Time & Totally Fails – But Has Great Orgasms Trying!

DpMMandyTries2WetHitachiOs DpMMandyTries2WetHitachiOs2

What a cute video with such a cute diaper girl!

Mandy needs to pee & asks Natalia if the diaper will hold up. “Of course!” She says!

However Mandy’s bladder is quite camera shy!

Mandy tries so hard to get it out but it’s completely holding back. She giggles and giggles as she tries and is so embarrassed that she can’t get it to come out! She tries position after position, she tries turning her back, she tries doing strange meditation poses. And NOTHING seems to work!

Natalia has an idea though…she introduces Mandy to her new Hitachi. “Oh my! Is that a Hitachi?” Mandy asks, “And it’s pink!?!”

Mandy agrees that this might be just the thing to kick start her bladder.

Mandy goes to town on herself and it doesn’t take her long at all to bring herself to a nice, big orgasm.

Her diaper does get wet…but it wasn’t pee that wet it. 😉


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