New Girl Olivia Can’t Wait To Try On Her Very First Diaper!

DpMOlivia1stDiaperReaction DpMOlivia1stDiaperReaction2

Quiet, shy and very much into age play, Olivia is sooo adorable! She’s never worn a diaper before and she’s quite nervous. Especially trying one on for the first time on camera!

She has such a cute nervous giggle. Natalia gets her right into it and picks out a diaper for her to wear that she thinks will look just oh-so cute in.

Olivia is just so nervous! She giggles as she lays down to prep for her diaper. She almost squeaks as Natalia teases her. Natalia blows raspberries on her belly to try to break the ice and Olivia squeals! So cute!!!

She gets her pussy wiped down before she’s powdered and diapered up. Oh, how she loves wearing a diaper! She’s always wanted to do it and now the time has finally come!



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