New Teenage Diapergirl, Katarina Comes Over To Try Diaper Play

DpMKatarinaNikkiComesOver1stDiaper1 DpMKatarinaNikkiComesOver1stDiaper

Another amazing new diaper girl comes over to try diaper play!! Meet this incredibly hot teen who’s a perfect natural DL!

Nikki invites her good friend, Katarina over to play. Katarina has never worn a diaper before but Nikki just knows that she’s gonna enjoy it. These two are like sisters. With their birthdays only a month apart and even similar hair and body types, they could almost be twins!

Katarina arrives and Natalia leaves these two girls to play. Nikki shows Katarina around the nursery and introduces her to all the different kinds of diapers to choose from. She picks out a Molicare to try first.

Nikki changes Katarina out of her adult clothes and into a diaper. Katarina’s response? All smiles 😉

It’s gonna be a fun time with these 2 diapered teens!!!


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