Nikki Is Caught In A Messy Diaper & Gets Put In Chastity So She Has To Stay In It All Day


Natalia comes home to find her diapered roommate sitting on the couch. What she doesn’t know is that Nikki has messed her diaper while she was gone…and she was not supposed to do that!!

Natalia smells it soon enough. Nikki tried so hard to hide it but that smell is too strong and very distinct. Nikki is busted!

That’s it. Natalia bends Nikki over her knee and gives her a good spanking in her messy diaper, making good and sure that it’s very squished in. Then Natalia decides that Nikki’s punishment is that she’s going to have to stay in that messy diaper all night. And to make sure she can’t get out of it she locks Nikki into fist cuffs and a chastity belt. Now there’s no way for her to get out of it.

Nikki begs to be let out but there’s no way that’s happening. In fact, she gets another over the knee spanking before she’s left alone in her stinky mess.


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