Nikki Makes A Huge, Bulging Mess In Her Pampers While Sitting On A Pampers Box

DpMNikkiHugeMessSittingOnBoxPampers DpMNikkiHugeMessSittingOnBoxPampers2 DpMNikkiHugeMessSittingOnBoxPampers3 DpMNikkiHugeMessSittingOnBoxPampers4

Nikki’s gotta poop! Badly! She’s just wearing a little Pampers baby diaper and doesn’t think it’ll be able to hold up to the mess she feels like she’s about to unload. So she sits on a box of Pampers that was in the middle of the room while trying to decide which diaper she’ll change into to hold her load the best.

Too late!!! Before she’s able to even pick one out her body tells her she’s out of time! It’s gonna have to happen in her little Pampers!

What a huge and bulging mess she makes! It really fills her diaper SO FULL!

Watch the bulge form…and her reaction to it which is just too cute!

Another fantastic video from Nikki!!!


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