Nikki & Natalia Talk Piper Into Wetting Her Very First Diaper


Piper’s busy texting on her phone when Natalia walks in. She makes Piper put her phone away so she is no longer distracted. There’s a problem. Piper has been sitting in her dry diaper for awhile now and it’s clearly been dry too long. Natalia insists that its finally time to wet it.

Piper isn’t into it so much.  In fact, she’s completely surprised when Natalia informs her that she is absolutely forbidden from using the restroom. She wasn’t expecting to have to use the diaper too! Piper’s not very open-minded anymore.

But then backup shows up! Nikki walks in and Natalia fills her in on the situation. Piper is just refusing to wet her diaper!

Then Nikki works her magic alongside Natalia’s magic and the powerful duo finally convinces Piper to wet her diaper!

Great video and fantastic reaction!


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