Nikki & Sunshine’s Double Mini Enema & Tied Together Punishment Turns Into Messy Diaper Wrestling & Pooping On Each Other!

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And the shit starts flying! (OK, so it was only poop emoji pillows that was flying…but it’s just as hilarious!)

There is so much happening in this video, it’s just non-stop hot diapered action!

It’s starts off simply enough…Nikki and Sunshine are quietly playing with toys in the nursery. They’re cute, they’re sweet, they were left unattended.

That was a mistake! Before long the girls start fighting over a toy and they start shouting and wrestling around the floor, full on fighting each other!

Natalia hears the commotion and goes in to investigate. Naughty little girls! She breaks up their fight and spanks them both. But that’s not enough punishment for these two. They’re gonna have to learn to get along.

Natalia decides its time for a hardcore bonding moment. So she gives them each a mini enema and ties them together with a rope back to back. Now once they poop together, they should be well bonded…right?

Well, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. And that’s an understatement. The girls rock around in their bindings, stuck back to back against each other and their mini enemas are kicking in. They both know that they’re gonna have to poop soon and they’re still mad at each other so they try hard to outdo one another.

Wrestling breaks out as they try hard to sit on top of each other to poop in their diapers, stick their stinky diapered butts in each others’ faces, and more.

This is one helluva fantastic video you won’t wanna miss!!


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