Nikki Tries To Pee For You POV But Accidentally Messes & Is So Humiliated!

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Nikki really wants to do something special for you. She wants to wet her diaper nice & full for you. And she drank a whole bunch of tea to make sure she can.

She gets a bit nervous and camera shy and has a bit of a hard time getting it out at first and giggles nervously as she’s barely able to get out a trickle. She tries pushing on her bladder to help make it happen.

She tries turning around to see if looking away might help her to get it out. She tries and tries. But suddenly she realizes that she’s pushed to hard! Instead of peeing she lets out a huge burst out of her diapered bum and has a huge wet mess come out of her ass!

She’s so embarrassed! She apologies and can’t believe this has just happened! She really wasn’t expecting to mess!

And it’s leaking! She really wanted to make a cute diaper pee for you and now she has mess running down her leg!

She’s hoping you still like the mess she did make for you – even if it was unexpected…

So she shows it off for you…


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