Nikki Wets & Leaks Her Diaper All Over The Ball Pit & Gets Punished For It

DpMNikkiWetsLeaksBallPitPunished1 DpMNikkiWetsLeaksBallPitPunished

Sweet, little teen Nikki is sporting a little baby Pampers and playing in the little princess ball pit when she has to pee. She quickly wets her diaper.

Only the Pampers just can’t take her full bladder. Her diaper leaked all over inside the ball pit and all over the balls inside it!

What a mess! Everything is wet in Nikki’s pee!

Natalia is NOT amused. Nikki should know better than to unload a full bladder into a little baby’s diaper! But Nikki laughs at the mess she’s made. This only angers Natalia.

That’s it! Nikki needs to be punished. Nikki is bent over Natalia’s knee and Natalia gives her a good spanking. Only it gets all over Natalia’s hand in the process. That just makes things worse.

Nikki gets double diapered then has to endure the rest of her punishment.


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