Nikki’s Good Friend, Hannah, Comes Over To Try Diaper Play After Busting Nikki Wearing At Work


Nikki was caught wearing at work one day by her good friend, Hannah. Oh, Hannah had all kinds of questions for Nikki! But sometimes the result of being caught is quite a pleasant one.

After a LOT of explaining Nikki was actually successful in talking her friend into coming over to Natalia’s nursery to try diaper play for herself! Woohoo!

Cutie Hannah is a bit nervous but at least she shows up! And now that she has it’s time to get her into her very first diaper. And Nikki is more than happy to put one on her!

Oh how funny it is to see Nikki putting a diaper on her very good work buddy! Watching her wipe her friend’s privates is absolutely great to watch!

You’ll see…

And another instant diaper lover is born!!


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