Nothing Like A Mini Enema To Cure Your Boredom

DpMLizzyBoredomMiniEnemaNMess1 DpMLizzyBoredomMiniEnemaNMess

Ugh. Rain has foiled Natalia and Lizzy’s plans for today and now they’re stuck at home and bored out of their minds!

As they try to figure out how to cure their rainy day blues Natalia suggests, “How about a mini enema?”

Lizzy’s never heard of such a thing, but after a short explanation from Natalia she’s game to try it!

Whoop! Oh, the expressions on Lizzy’s face as she shoves the tip up her rectum! HA!

They carry on with normal conversations as it takes effect. The rushing and cramping happening in Lizzy’s colon only mildly distracts her. Until suddenly she can’t take it anymore. Her facial expressions are priceless!

Grumble, grumble, RUSH! Lizzy turns around and pushes it all out into her itty bitty baby diaper.

What an experience!


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