Odette Masturbates In Her Very First Messy Diaper

Odette Masturbates In Her Very Messy Diaper

What happens when this hottie little diaper lover, Odette, messes her diaper for the very first time?

Well, let’s just say that she found it to be a bit of a turn on…

We see her pushing out all of her mess into the diaper. And she reacts so nicely to it! She touches the large bulge in the back of her diaper and smiles.

In no time she’s laid back against Mr Bear and she finds the Hitachi! The world goes away around her and it’s just her, the Hitachi, and her messy diaper. And Odette goes to town!

She rubs her very messy diaper with the powerful vibrator. And her whole body reacts to it!

How quickly you can cum when you’re so turned on! It only takes Odette a few minutes to reach a wonderfully powerful orgasm! Such a dirty little girl…I think she’s staying in her messy diaper a little longer…



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