Odette Wakes Up Immediately Wets & Messes Her Diaper – With Lots Of Farts!

Odette Wakes Up In The Crib & Messes Her DiaperOdette Wakes Up In The Crib & Messes Her Diaper

Sweet little Odette. She wakes up nice and refreshed after a good night’s rest. She rolls over and looks at Mr Cow. “Time for a poo-poo and tinkle tinkle!” She talks in baby talk to him.

First the tinkle tinkle. Odette wets her diaper. She giggles at Mr Cow.

“Nice and wet!” She shows her diaper off to him.

“Now poo-poo!” she says as a big fart comes out of her diapered bum. Then the mess comes rushing out of her filling her diaper nice and full. Mr Cow watches the whole time.

Odette is just plain adorable. She even poops adorable!

Fantastic video!!



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