Odette Wants To Put On A Diaper And Masturbate With You

DpMOdettePOVMastWUHitachi DpMOdettePOVMastWUHitachi2

How hot and insanely adorable is Odette! Its always a pleasure to have her in the nursery!

Odette’s feeling quite frisky right now. She puts on a nice, super think Bambino Bellisimo to give her the total full diaper feeling she’s so desperately seeking right now. So nice!

And then she finds the cute, pink hitachi vibrator and goes to town on herself! She tries multiple positions and enjoys the heck out of every one of them. She keeps going & going until she has a massive, powerful orgasm!

Ahhh…that’s better.

Won’t you diaper up & cum with little Odette?


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