Odette’s First Diaper Mess – A Very Huge Mess With Lots Of Farts!


Odette…what a amazingly adorable little hottie!!

Odette’s so cute as she crawls around on the floor and is playing with toys. She explores the nursery and plays randomly with all the toys she finds.

But then she farts. A lot.

And those farts are not alone!

Odette realizes that she has to poo so she turns around and pushes out a huge, bulky load into her diaper. She farts and farts and fills her diaper up with a nice, big, bulging mess that makes her diaper sag. Her mouth wide open as if surprised by the whole experience.

What a happy girl! Once she’s made the huge mess in her diaper she giggles. As if to say, “Look what I just did!”

What a wonderful new experience for adorable little Odette!!



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