One On One With Little Nikki – She Wets Her Diaper For You Selfie Style

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Now for a little private time with Nikki as she wets her diaper – just for you!

Nikki put on a cute little Tena Slip Maxi on for you and she’s gonna make it nice n wet for you! She grabs a camera and turns it selfie mode and records herself wetting her diaper for you! She says a cute little message for you, kisses you, cracks some jokes and positions the camera up nice & close to the front of her diaper as she gushes out a lot of pee-pee into her diaper.

SWOOSH! The camera is so close you can hear every drop as it comes running out of her privates and fills her diaper full!

She moves from position to position to make sure you see all angles of her!

Fantastic video!!!


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